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Barn Doors


Whether you're separating a bathroom from a bedroom or you're looking to create privacy in your home office, a barn door is exactly what you're looking for. Look no more! Heritage Shutters offers high quality barn doors at an affordable price.

Hardware Included

We carry both modern and rustic designs to suit the decor in your home. No matter your style, our barn doors and hardware can be matched to pull together the design of any room.


It's our pleasure to serve Arizona businesses! Heritage Shutters does commercial barn doors installations in hotels, business complexes, large commercial buildings, resorts, and many other businesses around the state.

Custom Made

As the oldest shutter company in Arizona, our team is very experienced and we believe every detail matters. Choose Heritage Shutters for any custom work you need to be done.

Residential and Commercial Services

With close to 50 years of proven excellence in adding warmth, style, and beauty into your interior living spaces while providing reliable protection against the Arizona sun’s searing heat, Heritage Shutters stands out as the premier authority in top quality custom plantation shutters, window treatments, and barn doors for all types of windows, doors, and pass-throughs.

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