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Blackout Roller Shades Glendale AZ

Our roller shades stop bright glares and sun reflections from warming up your living space! We have many fabric options that filter up to 97% of sunlight while still maintaining transparent views of the outdoors!


Roller Shade Benefits Include: 

  • Energy-efficient
  • High-quality woven & non-woven fabric options
  • Aluminum headrail and bottom rail
  • Compact stacking height 
  • Multiple cell sizes 9/16”, ¾”, and double cell
  • Light-filtering or room-darkening options
  • Corded, continuous cord, and cordless options
  • Specialty shapes
  • Day/Night Shades
  • Motorization options available
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Welcome to Heritage Shutters in Glendale, AZ, where innovation meets comfort. Our blackout roller shades are designed to enhance your living space by stopping bright glares and sun reflections. Choose from a variety of high-quality woven and non-woven fabric options that filter up to 97% of sunlight, offering energy efficiency without compromising your outdoor views. Experience the ease of corded, continuous cord, or cordless options. Embrace versatility with Day/Night Shades, providing optimal light control. Elevate your experience with motorization options, ensuring convenience at your fingertips. With a limited lifetime warranty, our Glendale blackout roller shades combine style, functionality, and lasting quality. Transform your space with Heritage Shutters’ roller shades today.

The advantages of blackout roller shades

Blackout rolling shades are a great way to control the amount of light and heat that enters a home, offering a neutral temperature in addition to controlling the management of light and privacy in our personal space.

Roll-up shades can also be manufactured in a wide array of different fabrics, providing plenty of style flexibility, and are also available as cordless roller shades, fabric roll-up shades, and even motorized outdoor roller shades. There is more than meets the eye in regard to these types of blackout rolling shades.

Thinking of getting blackout rolling shades?

Many people wrongly believe that blackout roller shades for glass sliding doors, as well as standard blackout rolling shades, is only for people who live in older houses with big windows or those who lack a thermal window with glass fittings. This is simply not the case, as these blackout rolling shades can be made to fit any size of window in a home.

Up to 20% of the heat in a home can be lost via a window, but this can be prevented by acquiring blackout rolling shades and, as a consequence, will save up to 20% of that home’s heating costs.

In addition to helping save money, blackout rolling shades also offer incredible functionality, with their overall efficiency and flexibility making them suitable for every home and all preferences. Whether these blinds are desired for their thermal and insulation qualities or not, the advantages offered by blackout rolling shades are undeniable.



Heritage Shutters offers roller shades with a variety of options and prices. Prices vary depending on the fabric, size, style, and whether they are motorized or non-motorized.

Yes, Heritage Shutters offers roller shades in blackout options. Our blackout roller shades are designed to block out all light and provide complete privacy. They come in a variety of colors, textures, and fabrics, to suit any décor.

The benefits of using roller shades include improved energy efficiency, light filtering, UV protection, privacy, and versatility in design. They are also easy to clean, durable, and can be customized to fit any window size.

Yes, roller shades from Heritage Shutters are energy-efficient. Their unique designs and materials help to reduce heat transfer and keep the room temperature comfortable in all seasons.

Yes, Heritage Shutters offers a 10-year warranty on all of our roller shades.

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